Corporate/Private Group Drumming

Drumming and rhythm instrument groups have been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, increase mood, reduce employee burnout, improve the immune system, increase social connectivity, and so much more.

I offer 1-1.5 hour sessions for community, corporate or private groups, size restrictions vary depending on the group goals. Prices very depending on group size and length. Minimum price is $75/hr.


Here are some testimonials of my most recent group:

“I couldn’t say enough positive things about our group.  Something good is happening in my brain!  Better than yoga!”

“I have enjoyed everything! You’re a wonderful facilitator.”

“I appreciated Natalie’s organization and structure keeping the atmosphere light and enjoyable.”

“Bring away from morning stress – doing this activity separates me from the stress”

“Intro to drum and rhythm was well done, I felt very comfortable launching into the class.”

“Natalie:  I know your class has helped me and I wish I could take you home with me!”