Supports Speech Therapy

My son loved Natalie’s music class. I appreciated her professional and friendly demeanor with adults and children alike. I especially liked receiving a summary of that day’s class via email, so I knew what to ask my son about when we got home; and to reinforce activities he had learned in class. Natalie has a strong love and talent for music and her enthusiasm is contagious with the kids. She is patient with the kiddos. My son has a speech delay and receives special educational services to help improve his ability to communicate clearly. Natalie was more than willing to have my son join the class and often asked me what strategies she might integrate in her lessons that he was already learning in his speech therapy. She also knew many teaching techniques that would help all children develop their voice and speaking. Overall Natalie Burningham is a great teacher and I highly recommend her to any parent looking for a fun and educational class. 
Lew S.